Board Health Check Report for Big Charity

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About the survey

The survey is a free Board Health Check provided by Tanarra Philanthropic Advisors and was completed by the Board of Big Charity in April 2021. The survey is designed to be simple and quick, with 44 multiple choice questions, 5 commentary questions, and is designed to be largely automated. The online survey content covers 6 key performance areas:

  • Board Effectiveness
  • Individual Conduct of Board members
  • Board Meetings
  • Board Structure
  • Financial and Regulatory Compliance
  • Strategy

About Tanarra Philanthropic Advisors

Tanarra Philanthropic Advisors is a for purpose enterprise providing pro bono independent advice to strengthen the efficiencies and effectiveness of Australia’s charity sector.

About this report

This report is designed to provide a quick snapshot of your organisation’s strengths and opportunities for improvement, focusing on the top areas with notable scores.

Score Scale

To help your organisation interpret the indicator numbers associated with each question please see below:

Strongly Disagree Disagree Undecided Agree Strongly Agree N/A Not applicable
1 2 3 4 5 Not counted

Summary of Results

Response rate

67% (8 of 12) of your board responded to the survey. It is important to keep the response rate in mind when reviewing this report as it does not represent the views of the entire board.

Recommendation: As a Board, consider why the response rate was not 100% as this may be an indicator of disengagement.

Respondents' time serving on the Board

- Between 1 and 10 years with an average of 6.5 years served


Your Board Strengths


Areas for Improvement


Director Responses to Strategic Questions

If the organisation had a 20% increase in unconstrained income tomorrow, where would you spend it and why?

What do you regard as the 2 most significant strategic achievements of your organisation in the past 3 years?

If you could change one thing about the organisation what would it be?

What do you regard as the most significant strategic failure of your organisation in the past 3 years?

Do you have any other feedback that could help improve the effectiveness of your board?


Full Responses

You can see the complete list of questions and the aggregated responses below. Responses with the highest variance (marked with ) may indicate poor communication, polarised views or inconsistent awareness of issues between directors. It may also indicate areas of over exuberance or frustration on the part of some individuals.

Question has a large range of answers
Question rated in your top 10 Strengths
Question rated in your 10 Areas for Improvement
LowThe lowest value submitted
Avg.The average of the submissions
HighThe highest value submitted
RangeThe difference between the lowest and highest
ResponsesHow many respondents provided a value for this question
N/AHow many respondents answered N/A for this question

Board Effectiveness

QuestionLowAvg. HighRange ResponsesN/A
Our organisation has a vision and mission statement that clearly and succinctly describes why it exists and what it seeks to achieve.2 3.95 3 80
The Board regularly asks itself "Is our organisation getting the desired change in the most effective way?"1 2.14 3 71
Our organisation actively seeks feedback from those it seeks to benefit1 2.55 4 80
We review and act on the feedback from those we seek to benefit, even if uncomfortable1 2.35 4 71
We have a high functioning Board that rolls its sleeves up and gets involved as required1 4.05 4 80
The Board is clear about its role in fundraising for the organisation3 4.05 2 71
Our fundraising effort is adequately balanced between board members and management (staff)1 2.65 4 71
The fundraising efforts of the organisation are successful1 2.14 3 80
The Board has a strategic plan outlining what it expects our organisation to achieve over the next few years1 3.85 4 80
The Board regularly monitors the progress of its strategic plan2 4.25 3 53
The Board has a proven record of achieving what it sets out to achieve in its strategic plan1 1.93 2 71
We know who our main competitors are and discuss what we most admire about them1 2.85 4 80
Board members know and act when they are not being effective and step down accordingly1 2.95 4 71
Our chair is competent, respectful, can influence without dominating, delegates appropriately, runs effective meetings, and has a strong rapport with the CEO or leadership2 3.75 3 71
Our organisation embraces and invests in new or emerging technology to improve effectiveness1 4.45 4 80
At least once a year our board connects with our sponsors and supporters and seeks constructive feedback from them about our work and approach1 2.05 4 71

Board Meetings

QuestionLowAvg. HighRange ResponsesN/A
I am proud of the behaviours displayed by the Board2 4.15 3 71
The Board manages its time effectively in meetings1 4.15 4 71
I am satisfied with the quality of reports and briefing papers provided to the Board1 2.85 4 80
Agendas, minutes and board papers are prepared and circulated sufficiently in advance of and after meetings of the Board1 1.63 2 71
Board members are held accountable for agreed actions as a result of meetings3 3.95 2 71
There is good communication between the Board and Management2 3.04 2 71

Board Structure

QuestionLowAvg. HighRange ResponsesN/A
We have a good Board orientation and induction process for new members1 3.75 4 62
The Board is of an appropriate size1 3.04 3 71
Board members possess an appropriate range and balance of skills to perform their duties and advance the organisation2 2.74 2 71
The Board reviews the effectiveness of its operations at least once a year2 2.33 1 35
The leadership team is given a clear written delegation of authority that empowers them to complete the tasks required for their work2 3.65 3 53
The Board sets clear boundaries within which our organisation is to be managed1 2.94 3 71

Individual Conduct of Board members

QuestionLowAvg. HighRange ResponsesN/A
The expectations of Board Members are regularly reviewed3 4.45 2 80
Board Members make a concerted effort to inform themselves about our activities, so that in the event that someone asks, "What does your organisation do?", they can comfortably give tangible real time examples of our impact1 3.05 4 44
Board Members have a strong understanding of the issues affecting the organisation.2 4.05 3 80
Board Members ideas are listened to in a way that is constructive and respectful1 2.15 4 80
In between Board meetings, Board Members actively contribute to advance the purpose of the organisation2 3.85 3 53
Board Members are consistently well-prepared for the meetings they attend1 3.75 4 71
Board Members know our leadership team and actively engage with them outside of formal Board meetings1 2.95 4 71

Financial and Regulatory Compliance

QuestionLowAvg. HighRange ResponsesN/A
The Board annually receives and discusses a comprehensive compliance report, covering all relevant legislation, standards, and funding requirements.1 2.84 3 80
I am confident in the ability of our organisation to manage its income and expenditures within agreed budgets2 3.95 3 80
Conflicts of interest do not affect the integrity of the Board1 1.85 4 62
Board Members have been appointed in accordance with the Constitution2 4.05 3 62
The serving time limits for Members of the Board, prescribed in our Constitution, are appropriate2 2.83 1 44
The responsibilities of Members of the Board are regularly reviewed1 3.45 4 80
The Board has taken swift and considered action against any negative surprises in relation to the organisation1 3.04 3 80